Amrit Siddhi Yoga and its dates in 2013

Amrit Siddhi Yoga and its dates in  2013

Amrit Siddhi Yoga


Amrit Siddhi Yoga is auspicious Yoga falls when when some auspicious Nakshtra occurs on a particular day.This yoga is considered to be very much fruityfying . All the work started during Amrit Siddhi Yoga bear fruit of sucsess.Many people around the world wait for Amrit Siddhi Yoga and do their auspicious work.One can do any good work during Amrit Siddhi Yoga the sucsess is very much assured.The combination of Nakshtra and day is given when Amrit Siddhi Yoga occurs.

Nakshtra                Day
Hast                    Sunday
Mrighshira          Monday
Ashwini              Tuesday
Anuradha           Wednesday
Pushya               Thursday
Revati                Friday
Rohini                Saturday

One should note that the above mentioned Amrit Siddhi Yoga becomes inauspicious for Griha Pravesh or Entering new house when Amrit Siddhi Yoga falls on Tuesday and this yoga is not suitable for Marriage if it falls on Thursday.People around the world looks panchang to know whether Amrit Siddhi Yoga falls on Saturday or not The reason behind this is if Amrit Siddhi Yoga falls on Saturday it is inauspicious for travel.

The following are dates when Amrit Siddhi Yoga falls in 2013
9th January  2013 (Wednesday)
18th January  2013 (Friday)
18th March  2013 (Monday)
13th April  2013 (Saturday)
15th April  2013 (Monday)
18th April  2013 (Thursday)
7th May  2013 (Tuesday)
11th May  2013 (Saturday)
13th May 2013 (Monday)
16th May  2013 (Thursday)
4th June  2013 (Tuesday)
8th June  2013 (Saturday)
13th June  2013 (Thursday)
2nd July  2013 (Tuesday)
14th July  2013 (Sunday)
11th August  2013 (Sunday)
14th August  2013 (Wednesday)
8th September  2013 (Sunday)
11th September  2013 (Wednesday)
20th September  2013 (Friday)
9th October  2013 (Wednesday)
18th October  2013 (Friday)
15th November  2013 (Friday)
16th December  2013 (Monday)
19th December 2013 (Thursday)

Please consult Local Panchang for exact time of the above given yoga for better accuracy.Generally One needs to see when moon enters  and exit nakshtra.

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