Nifty Future Astro Prediction today

Nifty future astro prediction

Nifty Future Intra day chart

Nifty Future Astro Prediction Today

Today Nifty future is trading in range of 20 points.It was trading near 5890 as today’s high and near 5870 as today’s low.Moon transited in Mesha Rasshi and have full aspect from Saturn and Rahu.The Moon and Ketu yuti.Mercury is retrogate and is in Gemini with Sun And Jupiter and these three planets are having full aspect from Rahu too.Pluto is in Sagittarius and is having full aspect from Sun,Mars,Mercury (R),Jupiter,Saturn and Ketu. Although Moon is in Mesha which is Mitra Raashi ,its aspect and union with pap graha is not good for market today.So Astrologically no upside is seen today in Nifty Future.Yes for downside one can expect yesterday’s low that is 5830 today.

Disclaimer : The above given idea involves high risk  Astroadvise at is not  responsible for any financial losses caused due to trading.

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